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mountain in the sunset location SLovenia


Let us take you to an amazing journey!

An amazing destination in the heart of Europe

Slovenia is the Slovenia is a secret pearl in the middle of Europe. A nature lover’s paradise filled with an abundance of natural beauty: mountains and forests, hills and meadows, idyllic villages and interesting towns. And water is to be found everywhere: lakes, big rivers, small streams, ponds, brooks in every corner.

And all this water turned Slovenia into one of the greenest countries in the world, not only literally in the form of abundantly green landscapes, but also in a figurative way of speech: no less than 13% of the surface is by the Slovenia consists of National Parks. Add the friendly population, the exemplary hospitality and the amazing food and wines and it becomes clear why Slovenia adds up to an amazing destination in the heart of Europe.

When to travel?

April to October

nearly 60% of  Slovenia is forested

Rivers and streams

27.000 km

Highest peak

Triglav, 2,864 m

Brown bears



We tailor make every trip and that is not an empty phrase. We design your trip from scratch and no two holidays are the same.

Do you have a bucket list or do you want to be surprised? What is your balance between nature and culture? Do you want to be active or do you prefer a more laid back trip? Tell us about your special interests, hobby’s, passions.

The best trips are often those that intelligently combine different elements into a balanced holiday. And the more we know about you, the easier it is for us to make sure your trip will be the perfect mix.

Let us take you to an amazing journey to Slovenia. Take a look and discover Local Heroes signature experiences.

Join Bojan for an electric bike ride in the mountainst, go trekking and explore Soča Valley...


All accommodations are handpicked and personally tested. Take a look and discover Local Heroes top picks for you.

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Slovenia has much to offer - unfold top places, experiences and landscapes. 


We’re always on-hand to help you plan your bespoke trip.

A good starting point is to send an email or submit your online request form, so we get a good idea of what you are looking for. After that we can discuss the details over a phone- or video call. We get to know each other, share ideas and discuss the various options, putting human interaction back in the world.
All our contact details can be found here.

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