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Let us take you to an amazing journey!

On the east coast of the Adriatic you will find the most beautiful pearl of the Mediterranean : Croatia.

Croatia offers alluring landscapes such as the impressive Plitvice lakes, the breathtaking Krka waterfalls and a captivating coastline with thousands of islands. But the country is also blessed with ancient Roman cities and villages, UNESCO monuments in Split, Sibenik, Korcula and Dubrovnik. We organize beautiful bicycle tours through Istria and a quad bike tour through the hinterland of Split. Don’t forget the Adriatic Sea: you can explore the crystal clear waters on a kayak, a speedboat, a sailing yacht or an impressive goolet. This can be arranged as a day trip, but we can also arrange multi-day tours for you. Croatia is also full of culinary surprises, from a delicious peka in a local konoba to a splendid dinner in a Michelin star restaurant, accompanied by unique local wines. 


Local Heroes has its own office in Croatia, and we know the best way to travel around. We will turn your trip into a wonderful and memorable journey. And that is a promise!

When to travel?

April to October



National Parks


UNESCO sites


Sunny Days

250 - 300


We tailor make every trip and that is not an empty phrase. We design your trip from scratch and no two holidays are the same.

Do you have a bucket list or do you want to be surprised? What is your balance between nature and culture? Do you want to be active or do you prefer a more laid back trip? Tell us about your special interests, hobby’s, passions.

The best trips are often those that intelligently combine different elements into a balanced holiday. And the more we know about you, the easier it is for us to make sure your trip will be the perfect mix.

Let us take you to an amazing journey on the east coast of the Adriatic.

Take a look and discover Local Heroes signature experiences.

Join Daniel for an electric bike ride along the magical Kamenjak Peninsula coast, go truffle hunting with dogs and explore national national parks...


All accommodations are handpicked and personally tested. Take a look and discover Local Heroes top picks for you.

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Croatia has much to offer - unfold top places, experiences and landscapes. 


We’re always on-hand to help you plan your bespoke trip.

A good starting point is to send an email or submit your online request form, so we get a good idea of what you are looking for. After that we can discuss the details over a phone- or video call. We get to know each other, share ideas and discuss the various options, putting human interaction back in the world.
All our contact details can be found here.

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