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Start your adventure with our Local Heroes and experience the destination at it's best!


Exclusive, private and away from the crowds!

We are a team of local experts dedicated to make your travel experience in Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia truly unforgettable. We live and breathe in our destinations and we proudly want to help you explore these beautiful destinations the best possible way, away from the crowds.

All accommodations and excursions are handpicked and personally tested. Our trips are 100% tailor made and on all tours and excursions you will always have your private guide. And these carefully selected guides, our Local Field Heroes, are the backbone of our success: they are true specialists in their area and field of expertise. They are 100% service minded and flexible, always willing (and able) to adapt each tour to your wishes. Together with them we developed a very carefully selected portfolio of unique experiences and accommodations.

And we promise: we will do everything to make sure that you have an amazing holiday.



Founder of Local Heroes

Joep has been in the travel industry for a very long time. He founded Talisman travel design - the leading exclusive tailor made travel agency in Holland - 30 years ago. After a sabbatical trip he decided to ‘jump over the fence’ and to use his extensive expertise to set up an inbound agency: Local Heroes.


The leading idea behind this venture is to eliminate the intermediate channels and put the traveller in direct contact with the destination specialist. Thus the ‘client experience’ bar can be raised higher and higher as we can take full control of each element of your trip. This way we want to push the customer experience to the highest possible level.


Travel specialist for Croatia, Slovenia & Montenegro

Lucija was born and bread in Kastela, a small town close to Split. She graduated in French and Archeology, but her eagerness to explore her home country and surroundings almost inevitably led into a career in tourism. She extensively travelled around in Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia and knows these countries  like her back pocket. She checked every hotel and tried all the tours herself and knows everybody worth knowing in the travel industry. She is the primus inter pares in our office and inspires everyone to go that extra mile on the way to perfection.



Office Manager

Tea graduated in Economy Studies and has a strong background at accounting. Initially she was our accountant and the cooperation went so well that she joined Local Heroes after a couple of years. We are very happy she joined the team. The tourist business sometime looks glamorous from the outside (and often it is) But at the end of the day each trip is composed of a myriad of details that all have to fit meticulously. Tea is very diligent and passionately precise regarding every aspect of your trip. She is the person in charge of liaising with all our partners and is a real team player, always willing to go the extra mile on the way to perfection.



What ultimately defines the success of a trip is not where you stay, but what you experience. Therefore our handpicked guides are the backbone of the success of your holiday. What they have in common is that they really like their job and will do everything to make your trip a success. Also they are all very pleasant company.

The experiences are always on a private basis and away from the crowds. All our guides are true specialists in their area of expertise: Daniel knows every bike trail in Istria like the back of his pocket, Goran is highly respected by every winemaker in Istria, captain Vojo is familiar with each bay in the Kornati Archipelago and Anna has a story about every corner in Split. Karmela is our culinary Zagreb hotshot and Tanja organises amazing food/wine tours in Montenegro. Bojan leads your way on trekkings and bike tours in Slovenia and Niksa spoils you on a speedboat boat trip to the Elephati Islands. And there are many more experts all over our destinations. And all of us only have one goal: to make sure you have the best possible holiday.


Planning a trip is a full-time job and we always aim to exceed your expectations. Local Heroes will meticulously and professionally plan and organise your holiday up to the smallest detail. All you have to do is to pack your suitcases and we will make sure you don’t have to worry about anything.

Local Heroes takes care of all your wishes and priorities during your ultimate luxury trip. We will book each accommodation, organise every activity and arrange all culinary experiences on a private basis. Be assured that we have everything it takes to do the best possible job for you. We work only with well-established business and we know everybody involved in your trip personally. There is no word obstacle in our dictionary so feel free to ask anything. During your trip you will discover parts of Croatia that are out of reach for most tourists and you will eat in restaurants only known to locals. So feel stress-free before and during your journey because Local Heroes are truly your Local Heroes.

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Be un-tourist.

You don’t like crowded and touristy destinations? Neither do we. We hate lines and parking lots full of busses. We are always looking for authentic angles and turn right when everybody goes left and vice versa.

Stay in a special place.

Where you stay is very much part of the experience. We have carefully selected accommodations with character that we personally know and visit on a regular basis. We prefer small luxurious boutique hotels with a personal touch.

Eat with the locals.

We will help you avoid the tourist traps and select only those restaurants that are popular with the locals. You will get a personal restaurant list based on your itinerary and we are more than happy to make your reservations.

Tailor made experiences.

Expert guides are our Local Heroes in the field. They will make sure you experience and explore the most amazing places. All our excursions are executed on a private basis. Flexible and personal.

We’re by your side.

We will make sure every detail is checked and double checked to guarantee an absolutely flawless trip. And if you need us we’re there. During your trip you can reach us 24/7 by phone.

Flexible itineraries.

We’ve extensively travelled all around the destinations and we know where to go and what to do. We will advise you depending on your preferences, budget and tastes. Every itinerary is entirely adapted to your wishes!

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We listen.

When you first call us or send us an email, we take the time to learn about who you are, where you want to go and what you want to do.

We design.

Every journey is unique. We will share all our knowledge and expertise and design your perfect tailor-made travel experience. 

We prepare.

We are always available to answer your questions and flexibly make sure every detail of your journey is properly arranged.


Enjoy travelling with lodging, guides and experiences hand picked for you. Relax knowing your Local Heroes are on standby 24/7.


Experience Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia the best possible way!

Find your travel inspiration in our carefully designed signature trips, but consider them as a guideline only. Local Heroes will 100% tailor make your holiday until it fits like a glove.

We are totally flexible and compose every trip from scratch. Whether it's a quick getaway for just the two of you, a multigenerational celebration, an adventurous family trip or a romantic honeymoon, we will make everybody happy.


We tailor make every trip and that is not an empty phrase. We design your trip from scratch and no two holidays are the same.

Do you have a bucket list or do you want to be surprised? What is your balance between nature and culture? Do you want to be active or do you prefer a more laid back trip? Tell us about your special interests, hobby’s, passions.

The best trips are often those that intelligently combine different elements into a balanced holiday. And the more we know about you, the easier it is for us to make sure your trip will be the perfect mix.


Looking for inspiration?

For more travel insight from Local Heroes' specialists take a look at our travel journal and discover beautiful places in Croatia, Montenegro & Slovenia! 


We’re always on-hand to help you plan your bespoke trip.

A good starting point is to send an email or submit your online request form, so we get a good idea of what you are looking for. After that we can discuss the details over a phone- or video call. We get to know each other, share ideas and discuss the various options, putting human interaction back in the world.
All our contact details can be found here.

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