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The start of Local Heroes.

Find out what makes Local Heroes unique and take a look how we started.


The set up of the office and getting all the paperwork done was the practical and administrative part of the job. The other part of the job was travelling around, selecting accommodations, finding local heroes and testing everything in the process. So together with Lucija Mandac travelled all over Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

"We carefully researched every accommodation and activity before actually testing it. Only about 30% of what we inspected actually made it to our portfolio."

We wanted to be sure that we would only offer the best and have been rather critical and precise in our selection process. We carefully researched every accommodation and activity before actually testing it. Only about 30% of what we inspected actually made it to our portfolio. We are picky about accommodation and the entire picture must be ok: Location, size, facilities, staff, service everything will have to add up before we actually start selling it. And we make it a point to visit on a regular basis. One of the big advantages of being a super specialist in a destination like we are is that we developed a close tie to all our suppliers. In the winter and spring we extensively discuss our new plans with the and in the autumn we do a thorough evaluation of all the pro’s and con’s. During the high season we are almost on a daily basis in contact with everyone, making sure every little and big wish of our clients is fulfilled.

And then there is food.

We are very particular about our selection of restaurants, so we tested (and retested) a large number of places. It’s a dirty job, but someone gotta do it:) One of the hazards of a short tourist season like Croatia has is the sudden rise of the number of restaurants. In the months of July and August the capacity almost triples and of course it is a challenge to maintain the quality. We only work with restaurants that are opened all year round (except the ‘pop up’ or ‘wild places’ on the Islands) and that we have confidence in. But getting there has also not always been easy.

I remember our first visit to Sibenik. We kind of lost our way in the centre and we were looking for a place to have lunch. But nothing really was to our liking. We sat down at no less than five places (shamefully moving from one place to another) before we actually had our meal. After that first trip I was rather disappointed with both Sibenik and it’s culinary scene. Now, 10 trips later Sibenik has become one of my absolute favourites and we can advise and book an amazing array of restaurants. My top pick is the Michelin starred Pellegrini next to the cathedral, but there are a lot more interesting places.

Looking back at the screening process our portfolio now looks quite logical, but we have gone through a lot of trial and error getting there. And we are finetuning everything all the time to create the best possible experience.


Get inspired by our signature trips and experience Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia the best possible way!

We are a team of experts who are dedicated to make your travel experience unforgettable. Travelling with Local Heroes is always exclusive, private and away from the crowds!

Find your travel inspiration in our signature trips, but only consider them as an


Local Heroes will 100% tailor make your holiday until it fits you like a glove. We are totally flexible and compose every trip from scratch. Whether it's a quick getaway for just the two of you, a multigenerational celebration, an adventurous family trip or a romantic honeymoon, we will make everybody happy.

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