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Croatia is full of surprises, flavors, adventures, breath-taking nature, diverse cuisine and world heritage. We highlight some of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia – from secret shores to fortified citadels...


Often the perception of Croatia is just sun, sea and beach, but you will find that it has much more to offer. Situated in southern Europe, Croatia offers alluring landscapes such as the impressive Plitvice lakes and breath-taking Krka waterfalls, captivating coastline at the Adriatic Sea with over a thousand islands and beautiful beaches, ancient Roman cities and villages, UNESCO monuments in Split, Šibenik, Korčula and Dubrovnik and new exciting gourmet scene. Here, we highlight some of the most beautiful destinations in Croatia – from secret shores to fortified citadels. Start planning your Croatian adventure now!

A walk through history

Due to turbulent events of history and the interlacing of influences of different countries Croatia is rich in cultural and historical monuments. During the ages Croatia was occupied by many conquerors, Romans, Illyrians, Slavic Tribes, Hungarians, Austrians and was part of many alliances and political systems. Its vivid history and culture imprinted and left marks all around the country.

We can say Croatia is truly full of life – the oldest findings in Krapina have revealed that the area has been already inhabited in the Paleolithic Age, some 130 000 years ago. Its coastal towns are characterized by the influences of Mediterranean culture – they tell the story of Roman, Medieval, and Venetian eras. Romans divided the area into provinces, built roads and towns, adopting the local inhabitants to the Roman way of life until the 5th century. Unique traces of roman history can be found in Istria and Dalmatia; Pula’s Roman amphitheatre one of the world's six largest surviving Roman arenas and Diocletian's Palace which today forms the old town of Split. Early in the 7th century Slavic people called the Croats migrated to the area. Some tribes settled by the coast, the others in the inland and they founded their kingdoms. In the 11th century Croatian kings were overthrown by Hungarians. During the Middle Ages many battles took place on Croatian ground between Hungarians and Venetians, even the Ottoman Empire wanted a part. The town of Šibenik is a fine example of a medieval historic city – located in central Dalmatia where the river Krka flows into the Adriatic Sea, the town's center has a magnificent medieval heart full of small alleys, charming squares and old churches. Šibenik is a home to two UNESCO monuments: St James Cathedral and St. Nicholas Fortress.

The country’s inland is a part of the Central European cultural circle, and it’s marked by Hungarian and Austrian legacy. During the ages Croatian nationalism and wish for independence grew but it seemed unattainable. After two world wars and collapse of communism in Eastern Europe, Croatia fought its way to independence.

A breath of nature

Peaceful and untouched, Croatia’s National parks offer true Local Heroes experience. Explore Plitvice Lakes - the oldest and largest national park in Croatia with its exceptional natural beauty. This area has always attracted nature lovers and already in 1979 it appeared on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Staying away from the crowds is not easy, but your Local Hero guide knows Plitvice like no other and will lead you smoothly through the park making sure you have the best possible experience.

Enjoy a wonderful ride on electric mountain bikes through the impressive Krka National Park, far from the crowds. Bike through beautiful landscapes, visit ancient Skradin, enjoy a wonderful lunch and have a relaxing boat ride back to your hotel through the Skradin Channel.

In the hinterland of Split we organise a truly special quad bike tour through an enchanted world in which you won’t meet any other tourists, not even in the peak of the season: you’ll encounter hills and valleys, on gravel and backroads, through meadows and along a crystal clear river. Topped off by an amazing local lunch in a beautiful setting.

The best way to discover the amazing Kornati and Šibenik Archipelago’s is to go on board captain Vojo’s boat: The Concho. Vojo is a former coast guard captain and a really nice guy. He knows every island, bay and restaurant in this amazing part of the Adriatic. You can swim and snorkel and you will enjoy beautiful landscapes everywhere you look - the National Park Kornati is part of the Kornati archipelago and includes 89 islands, islets and rocks. We guarantee an unforgettable day at sea. In a mix of local character, great cuisine and memorable adventure you will be able to reconnect with nature.

A depth of the sea

We believe that happiness is crystal clear sea water surrounded by a myriad of charming little towns and sun - baked villages. Croatia has hundreds of lovely islands and 5.790 km of sparkling Adriatic coastline. Sail away on a luxury motor boat, elegant sailing boat or breath-taking catamaran and discover bright and glittering waters of the Adriatic. Feel the sun and the freedom of the sea. There is no set-up itinerary – the sailing course is set by your preferences.

Visit the island of Korčula, one of Croatia’s most treasured islands. It is believed that town of Korčula is the birthplace of Marco Polo. Be free to take your time exploring little streets of the old town and enjoying the Mediterranean atmosphere. One of the most popular places in Adriatic is the town of Hvar where you can enjoy the ancient city and climb Fortica Fortress to have the most amazing view of the islands. On the square you can find the oldest public theater in Europe (1612), situated over Arsenal, a place used in the past for galley repair. In front of it there are some twenty islands and rocks called Pakleni Islands offering the abundance of sunny beaches, restaurants, and all kinds of other interesting places for mind and body as well. For an intimate experience, visit a small island of Šćedro and its untouched beauty with many hidden coves. When the night falls, go out in the town of Hvar and enjoy some of the popular clubs next to the seashore.

A culinary feast

Food is a very important part of the culture in Croatia which speaks both to the nature of Croatian friendly hospitality and to the quality of local ingredients. Homemade simple meals or high-class culinary experience, it doesn’t matter – everything is delicious. Croatian people love to gather around in local taverns – konobas where they enjoy delicious traditional meals. Past few years there has been an increase in new creative and innovative young chefs bringing out a more ingenious approach to the cuisine. We find excitement in discovering new pop-up restaurants and taverns with a modern twist. Food is a very important element for Local Heroes – so we take extra time to taste and experience restaurants to be able to recommend you the best in each destination. One of our favourite places on the Adriatic coast is Pelegrini tavern situated in the heart of Šibenik. Perfect location, friendly staff and heavenly food is making us come back every year.

Let’s not forget to mention Croatian wines – Malvazija, Plavac mali, Pošip etc. The most famous of them is Crljenak Kaštelanski – a deep red wine berry and spice flavors. This full-bodied wine is a zinfandel wine in its native form that eventually came to California. You may wonder – how come I’ve never heard of Croatian wines? The answer is quite simple – there is no wine production of wine on large scale. Almost all produced wine is drunk locally and there is not much left to export. When visiting Croatian restaurants, we recommend to always go with local wines – you will be surprised by taste! Dobar tek! Živili!

To put it in a nutshell…

Croatia is full of surprises, flavors, adventures, breath-taking nature, diverse cuisine and world heritage. Its beauty invites you to discover wild inland and magnificent coast. We organize beautiful bicycle tours through Istria and a quad bike tour through the hinterland of Split. Don’t forget the sea; there are hundreds of islands and islets surrounded by crystal clear water. You can go on a speedboat, a sailing yacht or an impressive goolet. This can be arranged as a day trip, but we are also happy to arrange multi-day tours for you. Croatia is also full of culinary surprises, from a delicious peka in a local konoba to a splendid dinner in a Michelin star restaurant; always accompanied by unique local wines.

LOCAL HEROES has its own office in Croatia, and we know the best way to travel around. We make it a wonderful and memorable journey. And that is a promise!!

When to travel?

Croatia is beautiful year-round but is best visited in the hottest summer months during warm weather. Traveling is quite easy – from March to October there are daily flights from different destinations in Europe. Croatia lies along the east coast of the Adriatic Sea and its easily reachable by car from central European destinations. Don’t be afraid to take the trip even in the high peak season, as your Local Heroes we know all the hidden places where you will feel like you have the summer for yourself. Shoulder season, from May to mid-June, and from mid-September through October is also great for traveling. All activities, restaurants, and hotels are already open and receiving guests, but the temperatures are a bit lower – around 20°.


Get inspired by our signature trips and experience Croatia the best possible way!

We are a team of experts who are dedicated to make your travel experience unforgettable. Travelling with Local Heroes is always exclusive, private and away from the crowds! Find your travel inspiration in our signature trips, but only consider them as an example.

Local Heroes will 100% tailor make your holiday until it fits you like a glove. We are totally flexible and compose every trip from scratch. Whether it's a quick getaway for just the two of you, a multigenerational celebration, an adventurous family trip or a romantic honeymoon, we will make everybody happy.

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