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Istria - a true gem in the heart of Europe

Come on board and discover different faces of Croatia's biggest peninsula with Local Heroes.


Istria is situated in the heart of Europe between Slovenia, Italy and mainland Croatia. The peninsula has laid out its wonders in the garden of the Mediterranean, between the foot of the Alps and the blue Adriatic Sea that washes its shores. Along the coast you’ll find towns strung like pearls along the coast: among others the Rovinj, Pula with the sixth largest amphitheater in the world and Poreč. Istria is a well-known beach destination, which means the beaches are very busy in the summer.

"The heart of Istria is a land between dreams and reality, a land of beauty and peace, full of ancient history and coupled with clean, unspoiled nature."

The secrets of the inland

But there is also another Istria, the hidden inland, whose treasures are very much worth exploring, especially when you do that together with one of our local heroes. The heart of Istria is a land between dreams and reality, a land of beauty and peace, full of ancient history and coupled with clean, unspoiled nature. From the Roman times onwards Italy has been of enormous significance. Italian is the second language and the landscapes strongly reminiscent of Tuscany with villages built on hilltops. The towns and its people will bid you welcome and let you share in their spirit and the times long gone. Everywhere you go you will be enchanted The most famous are Motovun, Groznjan, Buje and Buzet, but the less known villages like Pazin, Bale, Oprtalj and Labin are also all well worth a visit.

Top-class hospitality

In Istria you will experience a very high level of hospitality. Over the last decade an array of amazing new hotels have sprung up, raising the level of accommodation and service to top-class European levels.

Culinary paradise

Apart from that Istria is truly a culinary paradise offering amazing Mediterranean specialties in numerous restaurants spread all over the peninsula. It is also a wine lovers paradise and offers a large selection of local wines, made from grape varieties that are often unique to this area. Many of the refined Mediterranean dishes are flavored with truffle and Local Heroes van organize a truffle hunt for you with specially trained dogs ; all the secrets of this exquisite and very exclusive ingredient will be revealed. We also organize amazing gourmet tours featuring he best food and wines Istria has to offer. And although Mediterranean fare generally is light and healthy you may feel you need some exercise to get rid of the gained calories. In that case Local Heroes offers a number of amazing bike rides as Istria is of the most beautiful cycling areas in Europe.


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