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Truffle hunting

Gastronomical highlight & happy dogs


Istria is a culinary paradise and the truffle is the most important symbol of the gastronomic abundance of the peninsula. Truffles are rare and humans really need the assistance of four legged friends to dig them up. Only well trained pigs and dogs are able to find them. Close to Buzet, the truffle capital in northern Istria, the Prodan family has been hunting truffles with their dogs for three generations. For a number of years they have been welcoming guests to join them on this special hunt and they are keen to share their knowledge and experience with you.

Truffle hunt

The family lives near Buzet, the truffle capital of Istria. The tour starts with an introduction on the family history and a short explanation about truffle hunting. Affter this you are ready for the real deal. Your guide selects the dogs that are going to join you on the truffle expedition. No need to worry about them being abused. The selected dogs are overly happy to be the chosen and the ones that have to stay behind are clearly disappointed. After a short stroll you enter the woods and the extremely enthusiastic dogs start their diligent research. The guide needs to make sure that he stays very close to the them; they are very fond of the truffles as well and will eat the precious product whenever they have the chance. The dogs love this exclusive treat! After a leisurely walk of about 40 minutes through the richly varieted bushes, the "hunt" is ended and it is time to eat the loot.

"The dogs love this exclusive treat!"

Truffle brunch

It's time for your gastronomical highlight of the tour: the truffle brunch. Taste delicious local cheese and ham, richly supplied with truffle and accompanied by a carafe of red and white wine, which comes from family's vineyard. Then it's time for the "pièce de résistance" of this brunch: the truffle omelette is prepared before your very eyes. You’ll be amazed at the generosity with which the extremely valuable truffle is added to the dish: this is no doubt the most exclusive omelet you ever had. You can taste the essence of the truffles; a deep musky aroma and rich in flavors. A.very earthly experience reminiscent of the woods around Motovun where this exclusive ingredient prospers.


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